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AboutFace…because no one should feel alone

Every year in Canada more than 10,000 babies are born with a facial birth defect;
and over 50,000 Canadians will acquire a facial disfigurement through trauma
(accident/fire) or illness (cancer/stroke). It’s estimated that each year our client
base has the potential to grow by an additional 60,000 Canadians.

Living with a facial difference is something you cannot hide. Clinical depression,
anxiety and loneliness are very common amongst the estimated 1.5 million
affected individuals. AboutFace is the only national charity that empowers
individuals with facial differences to develop the confidence, skills and self-esteem to break free from isolation and integrate into society.

We offer a variety of support services, resources, experiential and educational programs so that affected individuals can achieve their full potential. In addition, we promote a culture of acceptance within communities by offering educational and awareness programs at school, in the work place, and in professional forums, especially in health care sector.
Our core programs focus on psycho-social support, interactive learning, and education. Through our programs we:

  • Encourage parents with a newborn with an informative DVD and workbook to address the top 5 challenges of raising a baby with a facial difference;
  • Empower youth ages 10 to 18 with facial differences at Camp Trailblazers;
  • Prepare young adults (19 to 24) at Leadership & Life Skills Retreat;
  • Educate elementary school children with two educational programs; teach them about differences and diversity with openness, respect and acceptance;
  • Honour and inspire youth to pursue post secondary education through Annual National Scholarships;
  • Support affected adults both acquired and congenital, and parents with affected children, through monthly group support calls;
  • Educate and ensure best practices by health care professionals through in-service presentations;
  • Create a national Access to Care network to help identify support services and treatment close to home and financial assistance, particularly in dentistry.

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